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Blueline Produkte von WIBO Kunststofftechnik GmbH

A clever move pro nature

The energetic problems are known: The rising shortage of fossil raw materials with the result, that everything becomes more and more expensive!

Oil, gas, coal, water, etc. are very precious resources and require our highest respect and you have to treat the environment with care.

For many years WIBO is dealing with the idea of the environment at the production of very sophisticated plastic products and has reacted appropriately.

Under the brand of “blueline” we have followed a course, which makes it possible to manufacture products of various kinds, purposes and fields of application at low costs and in an energy-conscious way using sustainable and 100% recycled plastic. And all this without any adding of new oil!

Only specially selected recycled granulate are used, which guarantee a one hundred percent product quality.

Creative products from sustainable and 100% recycled plastic. For a resource-saving future.

WIBO has assumed responsibility in dealing with the nature and raw materials. The retailers gladly accept this way and the consumers are willing to follow this line.

The manufacturing of WIBO “blueline” products starts with a detailed consulting service and sampling.

Perfect tool designs from our own tool engineering are based on decades of experience – an extremely efficient and flexible machinery is available.

The most modern injection moulding technology with permanent controlling of material, quality and production guarantees most sophisticated results.

Depending on the production requirements, further technical characteristics like assembling of individual parts, special printing or labelling, welding or stamping are possible. You can also get single packs or multipacks.

A highly motivated staff of specialists is right behind everything. This is the only way to meet all demands on an environment friendly end product.

Blueline Produkte von WIBO Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Your product idea can also follow this path.

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